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We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business requirements and provide integrated industrial services and customized solutions and suitable needs that efficiently sustained by advanced & trained man-power dedicated for Infrastructure, & Equipment activities of RO, Desalination, Plants, Power Plants, MSF, Liquefied tanks, Lighting, Communication networks, and Security system. At all times we focus on providing safe and effective outcomes for our customers with minimum environmental impact.


SCC Export Terminal Project – Dammam Port

  • Location: Dammam / K.S.A.
  • Contractor: Faisal Electro-Mechanical Co. Ltd.
  • Client: TIMCO
  • Type of Project: Industrial
  • Value (SR): 0.6 Million
  • Start Date: Oct. 2001
  • Finish Date: Feb. 2002

  • Work Description: 
    Assembling and Erection of Cement Ship Loader

  • The Scope of Work:
    • Installation of Pipes of sizes : 2",10", & 12" for conveying Compressed Air
      • Installation of Cement Pumps
      • Installation of Cement Unloading Pipes of sizes: 12", 14", 20", 22", & 24".

Ibn – Hayan Plastic Products Factory Mech., Elect., HVAC, & Instrumentation Installation Works

  • Location: Jubail / K.S.A.
  • Contractor: Faisal Electro-Mechanical Co. Ltd.
  • Client: Stork Alpha Sabic Group of Co.
  • Type of Project: Industrial
  • Value (SR): 36.8 Millions
  • Start Date: Feb. 1999
  • Finish Date: July 2000

  • Work Description: 
    Elect., Mech., HVAC, Intstr. & Steel Structure Works for Ibn-Hayan Plastic Products Factory – consisting of:
    • Artificial Leather Plant (Production capacity: 8 million sq. mtr per annum).
      • Wall Cover Plant (Production capacity: 14 millions sq. mtr per annum).
      • Cellular Extruded Plant (Production capacity: 6,600 metric Tons per annum).
      • Construction of: Main In-Coming Substation & Utility sub station for Plant Load of 18 MVA.
      • Construction of: Central Warehouse, Utility area, Pipe Racks, Tank Farm Area and Gas Pipe Metering Skid.

  • The Scope of Work:
    • Erection of 2,000 MT of Fabricated Steel Structure, with Roof & Walls Cladding.
    • Installation of about 450 KM of Pipelines (for Process, Potable Water, Sanitary Industrial Waste, Cooling Water, and Compressed Air) including Hot & Cold insulation and Jacketing of Pipes.
      • Plumbing Works for Buildings.
      • Supply, Fabrication, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HVAC System
      • Installation of Chillers, Cooling Towers, Compressors, Pumps, Blowers, Air Handling Units, & Exhaust Fans.
      • Installation of Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm & FM 200 System.
        • Erection of All Mechanical & Electrical Machinery / Special Equipment for complete Plant.
          • Erection of Power Transformers, MV Switchgear, Generator, MCCs, UPS, etc.
          • Installation of All Lighting & Power Distribution Inst. & Control System.


Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Contract (Contract no. 70)

  • Project Name: Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Contract (Contract no. 70)
  • Location: Jubail / K.S.A.
  • Contractor: Faisal Electro-Mechanical Co. Ltd.
  • Client: Universal Metal Coating Co. (Unicoil)
  • Type of Project: Industrial
  • Value (SR): 6.3 Millions
  • Start Date: Nov. 1996
  • Finish Date: Nov. 1997
  • Work Description: 
    Installation of Equipment for Metal Coating Plant

      • The Scope of Work:
        • Installation of Process Machinery (Mech. & Hydraulic), with 91 Tons of Steel Structure.
          • Erection of Mechanical Equipment viz. Compressors, Dryers, Pumps, Chemical Coating / Painting System and Chemical Injection Control System.
          • Installation of All Pipelines (including Inter-connecting Piping to Machines) with Utility Pipe Supports.
          • Supply & Installation of seven (7) nos. Exit / Entry Accumulator Towers, Coater Room Equipment (Flame Proof)
          • Installation of HVAC System, including Hot & Cold Duct Works.
          • Installation of Fire Fighting Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection & Monitoring System, and FM 200 Fire Extinguishing System.
          • Erection of Transformers, Isolators, MCCs & other Control Systems and all Grounding Works.
          • Installation of CCTV, Video Camera, Monochrome Monitor & Public Address System.
          • Installation of 36.5 KM of LV Power / Control / Instrument Cables, and 38 KM of Wiring with Fixtures.
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