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Completed Projects

  1. Project of Technology Transfer and water purchase production by SWCC through Construction of MED-TVC unit in Shuaiba 2 Desalination Plant
  2. 201-C01 DCN #6 Sand Cut & Fill
  3. Pipeline for Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) tank to Royal Commission tank
  4. Replacement of the Halon Gas With (NOVEC 1230) Metarials (JB-R-I-0508) Phase-II Area
  5. P&C for Sea Water Pump Station (201-C01)
  6. Technical Services in First & Second Phase of Desalination Plants in Yanbu and Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah
  7. Supply & Piping on "SA" system to Abha Reservoir at SWTF – Shuqaiq. SQ-R-M-726
  8. Supply, Fabrication & Installation of Chilled Water Pipelines With Insulation at Shuqaiq Plant (SQ / R / M / 723)
  9. Modification of Bearing Cooling System for the Main Sea Water Pumps in Pump Station 1 & 2 Al-Jubail
  10. Design, Supply and Construction Of The Pump Station and The Pipe Connecting the Pump Station To the Existing Pipe Strip Tied - In to RQWTS Operating Tank Feeder in Buraidah Terminal. (RW/R/P/508)
  11. Supply & Piping on SA System to Abha Reservoir at SWTF – Shuqaiq. SQ-R-M-779
  12. RW/P/E/018 Replacement of Medium Voltage Panels 13.8 kV from Pump Station 1 to Pump Station 4 for Line C and Replacement of the Bus Duct feeding the Panel in Pump Station 1
  13. Pertaining to Installation of New Steel Pipe for Al Ghat - Buraida Pipelind Ring Road Crossing. SWCC/RQWTS - Al Ghat to Buraida Pipeline
  14. WETICO - Jeddah SWRO III Project (240 Million Liters Per Day)
  15. Jubail Plant Phase II Service Water Piping Replacement Works
  16. Pipeline Coating Rehabilitation (RWR-R-P-100)
  17. Jeddah RO III (DHI / JedRO / SA / MSE / OOI)
  18. Taprogge Filters for Main Sea Water Header & Sea Water Desal Header with disposal System
  19. Provision of Isolating Facility – RQWTS Valve Chamber (HPT)
  20. Refurbishment Works of Jeddah Phase 4 - Desal. Plant (Contr:Nos. 8/1/1/260 & 261
  21. Tank Farm Piping - MSF and RO Plant
  22. Hofuf Water Transmission System
  23. Riyadh – Qassim Water Transmission System Station & Terminal Construction - 4
  24. Electro - Mech. Works for Jubail – Riyadh Line 'C' High Point Terminal
  25. 20 MIGD SW RO Plant Al-Jubail Desalination Plant
  26. Yanbu Desalination and Power Plant – Phase 2

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